*Deep breath* Okay, here it goes—my FIRST-EVER blog post.  There were so many days spent in the last year drafting the initial post for my photography blog only to throw them straight into my e-trashcan.  Most of my squeamish-ness comes from memories of posting on (oh…Xanga).  At the time, blogging wasn’t entirely common and I missed the blogging etiquette tutorial.  But I’m coming to realize, documenting my passion for life and capturing those special moments to share with the world really can’t do me any harm nor anyone else for that matter.  And if the world doesn’t see, then I’m doing this for me and my later-self. 

I hope you enjoy following me through my journey in life and appreciate my art along the way.  And while I’m on the topic of “FIRST-EVER's” I’ll start my FIRST-EVER entry with the FIRST-EVER picture I took with my FIRST-EVER DSLR.

Wow.  this was taken with my first-ever XTi dslr back in 2009.  zero focus with too many subjects.  not sure what I was trying to capture here.  but for those of you who are doubting your photography skills...this is proof that anyone can become a photographer.  practice makes perfect!

-Hannah Q.

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