Simple Moments

So many countless times in my military career have I been thanked by strangers for "serving our country."  The strangers range anywhere from young men and women in their 20's to our respected senior citizens and veterans.  I've never really found the right emotional and verbal response to their words of appreciation.  Let's see...I sit at a desk, manage a team of subject matter experts, support the mission and come home to my husband at the end of the day.  I have a roof over my head, a loving husband, and my darling Callie who needs major cuddling after being gone for longer than she thinks I should have been.  But still, I am grateful...grateful because I know when they see my uniform they see the soldiers/airmen/sailors that are fighting for our rights and freedom within and beyond our borders.  Those that risk their lives to save others.  On behalf of those brave men and women, I am grateful. 

Today, I met a nice lady while I was out grocery shopping.  She gently placed her hand on my arm and it caught me completely off guard (You just never know what to expect with LA peeps). For a moment she just looked at me without saying a word--only tears forming in her eyes.  She finally spoke and told me she had just recently learned about what we did and do.   She respected all our sacrifices and really wanted me to know.  It wasn't her words that got me, I mean, I've heard it so many times before.  But it was what she was saying with her soul.  Sure enough we were two complete strangers standing in the middle of a grocery store with tears in our eyes.  So little was said, but so much was shared...with a complete stranger.  

-Hannah Q.


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