The Year Ahead

Great, it's that time of the year where Sean sits me down to write my new year's resolutions.  You know, the 'to-do' list that most of us would only half-way achieve.  I've always put up a fight about it because, in my mind, if I didn't meet my resolution objectives, it meant that I had failed.  In the past, that kind of failure had always hit me hard.  Like, really hard.

But people, I've been wrong.  So wrong.  How many people do you know that achieved their list entirely?  I've noticed...there are three types of people--the ones that sulk in their failures, those that learn, and those that just don't give a damn.  Well, I definitely give a damn and I don't want to sulk.  I resolve to learn, pivot, and go after goals with new perspective.

2015 for the most part was AH-mazing.  Sean and I were reunited earlier than expected (thank you, Air Force), I cherished every second spent with loved ones, I discovered new ways to express my emotions through photographs, and gained the courage to bid the military farewell to pursue my passions.  But with these new passion-seeking ventures, also came fear and discouragement.  The kind of negativity that makes you want to stick to what is secure.  The kind of negativity that stops you.  For 2016, I resolve to continue moving forward despite any falls, hurtles, or closed doors.  I resolve to be unstoppable. 

She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them
— Beau Taplin


Hannah Q.

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