7 Things I've Learned


Firstly, if you've been following along--from the end of my Air Force career to the infancy of my wedding photography business, to now--then I want to say, 'Thank you.'  Thank you to all that have supported me through this whirlwind of a change.  For encouraging me and pushing me.  For 'liking' my Instagram posts.  For increasing my website visitor's count.  For sharing my information with friends and family,  For the simple congratulatory messages.  For reading this post, even. 

Since I started my business, I promised I'd remain true to myself as a person and as an artist.  I've always been a big believer that artists should be just as authentic as the art they create.  Like delicious chocolate cake is baked with love, my photos are created and cultivated with all my love.  And a part of this, at least to me, means being a little more transparent and a little more honest about what goes on behind my lens--sharing my successes, my slips, and all that occurs in between. 

There are things I've learned about myself and this industry since I started officially back in January.  And in honor of being authentic and transparent, I wanted to share these seven things that I've learned with you:

1) People can be unkind even when they are asking of something from me.
2) It's okay to say 'No' to those that are unkind.  I've learned that I, as a human being, am deserving of clients/partners that are respectful and appreciative of me and my work--nothing more, nothing less.
3) Crying at work is unprofessional, they say.  Well, I'm screwed then because the father-daughter dance gets me every time.
4) Money does not define happiness.  My salary is a fifth of what I used to make, but I've never been happier.  BUT, and a big 'but'...who doesn't want a little more $$$? :)
5) Dress the way you want to be perceived but dress to express and not to impress
6) Introverts can do it, too.
7) Being successful does not require knocking down your competitors. 
Supporting another's success will never dampen yours.

Honestly, I don't know why I only picked seven because I could go on.  But for your sake, I'll save those for next time. 

Thanks for reading!
Hannah Q.