September Highs & Lows


Holy wow.  Is it just me or did summer seem a lot shorter this year?  It's already that time of the year where the beach gets chilly, windy, and mini-sand storms start to form.  The Halloween decorations go up, Hermosa Beach becomes deserted, I over indulge our home with cinnamon and apple spice-scented candles--and I love it.

September Highs
+ Our first niece from either side of the family is born.  Her name is Alma Rose and she has taken our breath away more times than we can count.
+ My styled wedding photoshoot was featured on Katie May's Noel & Jean collection website!  I had been following her long before I ever knew I'd become a wedding photographer so for me this was a huge compliment and accomplishment!
+ Went to my first Rockies vs. Dodgers game.  Rockies lost but the quality time spent with best friends was a win.  Most important...the garlic fries were spectacular.
+ Mini-portrait sessions were a hot commodity this month and I got to spend time with some beautiful, kind-hearted families and couples
+ It's official!  I am a graduate of Boston University's Master's program and my sweet sweet loving husband threw me a failed surprise party.  So special to me nonetheless.  He's never been so good at lying :)

September Lows
+ Received news that a co-worker from my last military assignment lost his life in a tragic accident

This month, I learned that life is the most precious possession we have.  Whether it's life coming into this world or one that has left it, whether it's yours or it's mine.  Life is short and every moment matters.  Let's remember to breathe, to think, to love, and to hold our loved ones closer than ever before.

In loving memory of Bull.

Hannah Q.