October High's & Low's


Soooo...I took a bit of an unintentional hiatus from blogging which I vow never to do again.  This month, life got really busy and amidst the working, the traveling, the vacationing, I got lost.  But hey, I'm back.  Some of my dedicated followers (Hi mom & dad!) may know I was out in Oahu to photograph one of my dearest Hawaii friends for their wedding.  My sweet second-shooter-husband and I worked our tushes off for 12-hours but we did it with love, complete joy, and avidity.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Honestly. 
With hard work came a lot of play, of course.  Sean and I made the most of our time on the islands of Hawaii.  We were lucky enough to have lived there for 3 years before LA so it felt so incredibly amazing to be back and we missed it more than we really ever realized.  The aloha spirit...guys.  There is nothing like the heart of the Hawaiian people.  There is something so special in the way they treat one another and their land.  We could all certainly learn a thing or two from them.  I know I did.  The food...ugh, what I would do for one more acai bowl, poke bowl, shaved ice.  Okay, enough.  I'm salivating.  We also knocked off a bucket list item and visited Kauai which really was nothing less of extraordinary.  All in all, our trip was magical and coming back to reality was a bit of a struggle.  But that's not all that happened--October you were pretty busy-wonderful or shall I say wonderbusy.  Here are this month's High's and Low's:

October High's
+ Visited my brother and his girlfriend in Arizona and had delicious breakfast
+ Witnessed the marriage of Sean's Air Force Academy friends...weddings get me every damn time
+ Met our precious niece, Alma Rose, in Seattle, Washington for the very first time.  She was breathtaking.  I hope I'm her favorite asian auntie.
+ Met a dear childhood friend of mine and her baby, Vera, for the very first time.  She stole my heart and I love her.
+ On our 5-hour flight to Hawaii, Sean and I were unable to get seats together but an elderly Hawaiian couple sitting next to him kindly forced me to trade seats with him so I could sit with my husband while he sat away from his wife. 
+ Witnessed the marriage of our dear friends, Charlie + Lucy
+ I bought a ukulele!  New hobby here I come!
+ Surfed in Waikiki.  The crowd and the rain didn't bother me one bit.
+ Visited Kauai.  Completed 8-miles of the Napali Coast Hike.  Ate under a 300-ft waterfall (okay, let's be real...I ate away from it because it was freezing cold and the fall water was spraying me).  Relaxed in paradise and really there are no words to express the islands beauty.
+ Celebrated my sweet sister's 27th birthday and my sweet cousin's 29th birthday
+ It's official!  I am now operating under, Hannah Q. Photography, LLC. 

October Low's
+ Decided to forego the Halloween fun this year due to feeling under the weather and laziness.  But mostly laziness.

I have to admit, I'm taken aback every month when I compare my High's and Low's which is why I love doing this every month.  October was by far the busiest month of the year.  But in the middle of it all, when I stopped to think and look around, I would always remember that life is pretty amazing.

Thanks for reading!
Hannah Q.