Trading in Boots for Heels

Today is a pretty significant day in the Quintana household.  After two years of junior ROTC, five years of ROTC, and five years of Air Force active duty, my whopping 12 years of military/ROTC involvement has finally come to an end.  I'm officially a veteran.

I don't even know where to begin to tell you how that feels.  I can certainly say I rode that emotional roller coaster and I rode the hell out of it.  Oh, and Sean.  Poor Sean.  He came a long for the ride and held my hand through every bump, twist, and turn. 

I'm tempted to use the word 'bittersweet' to describe how I feel but it just doesn't give the feeling justice.  The Air Force offered me more than I could give and if I could do it all over again, I would step up to the plate in a heart beat. 

+ I traveled the world
+ I met amazing people
+ I worked on some pretty rad projects
+ I found myself
+ I faced and overcame physical and mental challenges
+ I found my best friend and married him (right away)
+ I discovered my passion for photography

It's been real, Air Force.  But I'm selfishly ready to go wherever my heart wants me to.  The memories I have will last me a lifetime and the photos I took throughout my journey will last an eternity. I'm allllllll set.  

+ Thank you, mom and dad for giving me this beautiful life
+ Thank you, family & friends, for the overwhelming support
+ Thank you, Sean for supporting my decisions and carrying me through
+ Thank you, Callie, for being so patient at home while mom and dad are always away at work
+ Thank you, Air Force, for the experiences and memories that I will never forget
+ Thank you, to all that have served and are continuing to serve


Hannah Q

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