Happy 'Dol' Day, Hailey!

Last weekend, my husband and I took a trip out to Austin, Texas to attend his friend’s wedding and I got to meet my high school girlfriend’s baby, Hailey, for the first time and celebrate with them her first birthday.  It’s amazing how much Hailey took on the demeanor of her mother—she’s beautiful with big brown eyes as round as her cheeks.  She was so calm, collective, inquisitive, and just…chill.  That’s the best way to describe her. Chill just like her mama. 

For her first birthday, Ramie, being the amazing mother that she is held a traditional Korean first birthday party called ‘Dol' or 'Doljanchi'.  In Korea, families celebrate their child’s first birthday by dressing them in the Korean traditional attire called a ‘Hanbok.’  In front of the child they place an apple to symbolize health, pencils to symbolize intelligence, a paintbrush to symbolize creativity, cash to symbolize wealth, yarn to symbolize a long life, and a baseball to symbolize athleticism.  Whatever object the child gravitates towards and grabs foretells their future.  Little Hailey picked the apple, and we’re thrilled to know she will be living a long, healthy, and fruitful life. 


Happy first birthday, Hailey.  We are so excited to watch you grow in to a beautiful young lady.

-Hannah Q.