March - High's & Low's


Okay, I have a confession to make.  I am a KUWTK's fan.  That's 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian's' for all you non-junkies that are way cooler than me.  I have been an avid viewer from season one all the way through season eleven (season twelve coming in May. woot woot!).  Just so I don't lose you, if I haven't already yet, I'll get straight to my point.  Amid all the break-ups, make-ups , name calling, scandal, and back-stabbing, what I love so much about this wild family is that they really do live by the words, "through thick and thin" or "family first."  Of all the Hollywood stink, this family keeps it real.  They're confident in their love for one another and the value of their family as a whole.  Any no matter how many low's they have, they always manage to resurface with family by their side. 

One Kardashian tradition is that they gather as a family to discuss their daily high's and low's.  I love this idea so much that Sean and I have adopted it and try to discuss the good and the bad as often as we can remember to.  I find that reflecting on these two aspects helps us live every day with gratitude and with full hearts.  The low's help us steer away from negativity and makes us grateful for the high's.  

From this point onward, I've decided to share with my friends & family my monthly high's and lows:

March High's
+ Purchased a 580XII Flash
+ A night of dancing with my best girl friends
+ Taking a trip out to one of my favorite cities in the U.S. of A., Austin, Texas
+ Witnessing a beautiful marriage, of Nick & Katie
+ Meeting my high school friend's baby, Hailey and celebrating her first birthday
+ Growing photoshoot opportunities for professionals and lifestyle brands

March Low's
+ Waiting at the DMV
+ Sean's job that takes him away from me for weeks

+ Sean's hideous mustache

-Hannah Q.