I Must Be in the Right Place


It's been 104 days, 19 hours, and 30 minutes since I've left the military and transitioned in to full-time photography.  So far?  So fab.  Business has been on the rise--more inquiries, more clients, more bookings--all indications that I must be doing something right.  But it's not the number of clients that have been a confirmation of my happiness in this specific industry.  Even the world's greatest photographer producing the world's greatest art could be so miserable.  So how do I know I'm doing the right thing?

I'm the kind of person that will question EVERYTHING I pursue.  I'll think, Okay, so I followed my dreams and passion.  Great.  But did I do the right thing?  How do you know?  Am I sure?  What makes you think that?  Why?  Are you sure sure?  But WHY? Why do you think that?  Would government work be better?  What do you think?  Maybe?  Hannah you have to be sure...And yes, I talk to myself quite often.  Perhaps it's the product of my years working in a windowless vault as an Intelligence Officer...but I do.  It's all there in my work ethic and the signs are clear--I have to be doing the right thing.  I must be doing the right thing.  I am doing the right thing.  How do I know?  I wanted to share with you guys and gals some noticeable indications that I've noted:

  • Early Riser: In the military, there were days where I felt nauseous about going to work and I wanted so badly to lay in bed forever...and ever.  As a photographer, even though I'm working from home, I do not and will not use it as an excuse to be sleeping in.  I don't want to sleep in.  Ever.  I'm ready to get started on work as soon as I pour that first (of many) cup of coffee.  And for me, that's 10am.  Just kidding, more like 7am.
  • No Breaks: I mentioned this previously, but in the military I worked in a very enclosed environment.  I found every reason to take as many breaks as possible to clear my head or to get some social interaction.  As a photographer, no matter how badly I have to pee, I will refuse to.  That is until it's unbearable.  I just don't want to stop.  I mean...I'm not done yet!
  • Later Babe: I've pushed back the idea of having mini-me's for now so I can fully focus on my business.  Another diverted plan...hey whaddya know.
  • 24/7 Photographer: Poor Sean, everywhere we go I'm always telling him, Ohhh, this would be such a perfect setting for an engagement shoot...or a wedding shoot...or a portrait shoot...or boudoir shoot...And, OOOOHH, this would be a perfect prop for the photoshoot I'm doing 7 months later...or this prop for the portrait session...or the boudoir session...or the engagement session...or the wedding session....or the--Yes, do you feel his pain?  I go on and on and on. It's a problem.
  • Miss Piggy: I squeal when I get an amazing shot of my clients and I know it's so annoying and sometimes scary but my heart can't help itself.
  • Insomniac: In the military, I went to bed tossing and turning, stressing out over my job.  Pretty often I'd have nightmares because of all the stress.  As a photographer, I find myself eyes wide open, smirk or smile spread across the entirety of my face, thinking of ways to better my business and dreaming of reaching higher. 

It's just the beginning and I can't imagine how the rest of my photography life will unfold but for now, I think it's safe to say I've steered back on the right track. 

Thanks for listening!
Hannah Q.