April High's & Low's


Can you believe a month has gone by since I wrote my last "High's & Low's"?  Insane.  Time does fly when you're having fun.  So, without skipping a beat, let's get to April:

April High's
+ My decision to become a full-time photographer (Eeeek. More on this later, I promise).
+ Coachella 2016 with my best friends, new friends, and great people
+ Booking three weddings; two engagement photoshoots!
+ Knocked out another BU Master's course; only two more left!
+ Life

April Low's
+ Post-Coachella feels
+ My second grey hair
+ End of both my internships

In the month of April, I learned that I can be happier working a non-paying internship versus a six-figure salary.   I learned that no matter how hard you try to plan out your life, it'll lead you to unexpected places and sometimes you just need to free yourself and go with it.  I've learned that time is precious and that it should never be wasted.  Overall, my April low's were minimal and easily overshadowed by my High's.  April couldn't have gone any better and I feel lucky enough to be able to say that.  Cheers to April!

Thanks for listening!
Hannah Q.