Full-Time Passion


I have an announcement to make to the world:  I've made the decision to go photography full-time!

This is nuts, guys.  Never ever would I have imagined at any point in my life I'd be a photographer--a full-time, money-making photographer.  Wow, talk about life taking you to unexpected places.  

I grew up in a traditional Korean household.  Like most Asian parents, mine had some lofty expectations of me:  I was to go to Berkeley, Harvard, or any Ivy League school (mmm...didn't happen).  I was to be a doctor, lawyer, or any occupation of similar stature.  (nope...didn't happen either).  Instead, I joined the Air Force and clung on to the title of 'Intelligence Officer' because that was the closest I could get to what my parents dreamed me to be.  My parents saw potential in me and for that I will always be grateful and feel loved but I always felt anything short of their expectations meant I had failed.  It's been a bit of a struggle but I'm slowly re-defining my path to happiness and to what I define as 'success'. 

I'm happy to announce that I've gotten over that stump (for the most part).  I'm doing it.  I'm going for it.  I'm pursuing what the universe has gifted me with and I'm no longer pushing it away for something more secure, prestigious, and financially safe.  Everyday has been a challenge but I know where I'm headed and I'm no longer following anyone else's dream but my own.


Hannah Q.