Why a Part-Time Passion is More Than Okay


Last week I announced my decision to go full-time photography but this week I wanted to talk about why it's totes mgotes okay to pursue a part-time passion.

Life works in funny ways and presents to you unimaginable opportunities.  I was lucky enough to have the luxury of pursuing my creative passions as a full-time job.  Let's be honest, without Sean's support I'm not so sure I'd be sitting at home 3pm on a Monday writing this very blog.  In fact...I'm almost positively certain I would not be writing this blog.

When I lived my life as an Air Force officer, I bemoaned the lack of time I had to pursue my passion.  And for a while, I thought I had been missing out.  I thought I wasn't creating the beautiful, meaningful work that I could have been doing only if i had found the time.  But...I was wrong. 

Now that I'm on the other side of the proverbial fence, I realize that my part-time passion is what gave me life.  I'm realizing now that the necessary boundaries that most of us live in--our jobs, our responsibilities, the time we spend meal-making, laundering our clothes, grocery shopping, school-work--those boundaries are gifts to us, only if we dare receive them that way.  They're gifts because having to squeeze in our passions into the margins of our lives is a great, beautiful thing.  When we don't have endless amounts of time to do what we love, the hours that we do find to do those things become more precious--a great escape.  And in my honest opinion, deep and genuine creativity is born in those places. 

The amount of time we have available to do our creative work isn't the most important part of any formula for productivity or invention.  It's the heart behind it that matters.  Remember to live faithfully in your jobs and roles, then come back to your creative endeavors and pour all your energy into that small place.  You just never know when your creative spirits will spark in whatever time life can offer them. 

Thanks for reading! xoxo,

Hannah Q.