Boudoir Photography

Finally!  I mean....FINALLLLLYYYYY.  I can't hold it in anymore--My boudoir studio is complete and ready for clients!  I never thought I'd be saying that!  The idea first came to me a few years ago when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I wanted to create something extra special for him.  I mean...extra exxxxtrraaaa special.  Know what I mean, what I mean? I was living in Hawaii at the time and had the most difficult time trying to find a photographer that could produce a bohemian, earthy, romantic, and more grounded-themed boudoir photography.  I had no luck finding that theme but I did find an amazing photographer and he worked his magic.  When I look back at those photos (I'm pretty sure I've looked at it more than my husband has...) it serves as a reminder of how beautiful, sexy, and confident I felt in my own skin and I never want to forget that feeling of empowerment.  What was supposed to be a thoughtful gift to my husband, turned out to be one of the most thoughtful gifts for myself.  And now, I get to be on the other side of the lens to capture all that you are. 


Thanks for reading!
Hannah Q.