Finding Your Creativity


This week started rough.  I had one of those days where sleeping in sounded better than working towards success.  Food lost its taste and the world lost its color.  Okay, now I'm being dramatic.  But really, my creativity juices were running quite low and because of it I briefly lost sight of where I was headed with my photography business.  Instead of focusing on what I should or could be doing, I focused on what I wasn't doing.  The Monday blues were coming on REAL strong.

Today was a bit different--a whole lot different, actually.  I woke up motivated and excited to get to work.  I re-discovered the same creativity that had me going with my wedding photography business in the first place.  So, here. I. am.  And just so I'm not leaving you guys with useless ramblings, I wanted to share with all of you some tactics I used to help resurface my creativity:

1) Be Mindful
To live a more creative life, we need to be more mindful of our time and the way we use it.  Take a break, refresh your mind, and 'switch off' for an hour throughout the day so that you can be more intentional with your actions and invest in your creative pursuits.  Rather than getting straight to work, checking my phone and accounts first thing in the morning, I recently decided to start my days by watching the Today Show with a hot cup of coffee and a cupcake. 

2) Get Some Sleep
This really is so important to me.  I've noticed on days where I get less than 6-hours of sleep, I am less productive, less inspired, and less creative.  I'm pretty much useless when I'm exhausted.  As the Doctor's say, get your 7-8 hours of sleep!

3) Revisit Your Childhood
Being an adult doesn't mean we need to disconnect from what used to bring us joy.  There is so much to be discovered in play, even as adults.  I used to LOVE painting as a kid.  Yesterday, I randomly had the idea of revisiting this activity that used to bring me so much happiness.  From the root of this idea sprouted a million different ideas.  It's important to ask yourself What are some positive activities?  What can be translated and added into my life now? How can these experiences shape my career choices?

4) Try Something Different
If your current hobbies are no longer holding your interest or if you're struggling for inspiration, explore new ideas and try new things.  Challenge your creativity by investing time in playing with ideas and trying something different.  Which reminds me, I'm finally on SnapChat: HannahQphotos.  I'm scared shitless but hey, cheers to trying new things, right?

5) Read
Whether I'm reading a magazine or a book, it always. ALWAYS. leaves me feeling empowered to lead a more creative life and I'm always finding ideas that can be applied to my business.  One article I read from Bloomsberg inspired me to write this very article, actually.

6) Reach Out  
Building and surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives is probably one of the best ways to reconnect with your creativity.  Watching fellow creatives grow encourages and inspires me to do the same.  Seek out these inspiring creatives, reach out to them, and engage in the conversations taking place online.  I can't tell you how many fellow photographers I've befriended that, directly or indirectly, continuously push me to expressively create. 

Thanks for readings, guys!
Hannah Q.