Happy Anniversary, Love


I lost my strong and couldn't hold back anymore.  I pulled off the I-20 highway on my way back to San Angelo, Texas, and cried.   Sean and I had spent our last weekend together in Dallas before sending him off on his flight to Hawaii, where he was to serve his first active-duty assignment.  I was overwhelmed with emotions--sadness because our relationship had come to an end, but happiness because until the end it was so unbelievably wonderful.  We had only been dating for just a few short months and I knew the chances of making it work were unrealistic.  Just a couple months later, I was on my way to South Korea to serve out my first year-long assignment.  But I prayed.  If it were meant to be, the universe would help make it happen.


In 2013, it happened.  On this very day, Sean and I exchanged our vows and became lawfully wedded as husband + wife.  We made it.  At least we thought.  If I have ever given you the illusion that our marriage and love has been and is perfect, let me assure you.  It hasn't and it isn't.  Our differences, effects of the long-distance, our 'I'm-always-right' attitude constantly tested our patience and created more heartache than we ever thought possible. 


Three years after saying our I do's, we've found our calm.  Today, our love is humbling, self-defeating, stronger, transcending, and more beautiful than ever before.  Our struggles became our achievement and through this we both learned and are still learning the meaning of marriage.  It's not easy, but it's worth everything.  Fairy-tales do exist, you just have to fight really hard.  And continue fighting hard. 


Sean, you are my soulmate, my sunlight, and my home.  There is no one in this world I'd rather navigate through this fickle life with.  You are all I ever wanted love to be.  Thank you for choosing me. 

Your Wife

All images were taken by our amazing wedding photographers: Annie & Jacob of Brumley and Wells Photography