August Highs & Lows

Photo Credit: Sean Q.

Photo Credit: Sean Q.

I know it's late, but I figure it's better late than never.  August was a crazy month but only in the best ways possible.  I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to document and share my blessings with everyone, so here we go:

August Highs
+ In late July, I put together a team of talented creatives to create a wedding styled photoshoot which got featured in the Fab You Bliss wedding website!
+ An event I photographed was featured in the South Bay Magazine
+ Took my 'behind-the-lens' to SnapChat!: hannahqphotos
+ Took my last & final Master's course from Boston University
+ Husband and I celebrated our three-year anniversary
+ Added the 85mm 1.2L to my photography gear.  For my non-photography folks, just know that this is a big big huge big deal.
+ Visited Denver and signed on with a couple of wedding venues as their preferred photographer

August Lows
+ Shying away from social media
+ My period.

I'll have to expand on my social media shyness in a different post but for now, I'm feeling so much gratitude for the lengthier and more meaningful High's than Low's.  I was able to achieve so many of my goals last month--both on a professional and personal level--which gave me plenty of reasons to celebrateBut in between my goals, busy life, and crazy aspirations, I made sure to remember the thing called life, that had to be lived, enjoyed, and remembered.  I'm sure of it.  There is nothing more precious than being in the moment--fully alive & fully aware. 

Thank you, August.  You were wonderful.  

Hannah Q.