Social Media Shy


For six years in military world, I managed a low-key presence on social media as it was highly discouraged for operational security reasons.  Absolutely necessary.  In this new world, it's been the exact opposite.  I dedicate a large portion of my time marketing and sharing my business and personal perspectives through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most recently, Snapchat--all essential tools for the modern-day business.  Very essential, trust me.  But the transition wasn't easy.  In fact, it's F****** hard.  How do you go from hiding in a cave and covering up your tracks to popping out of it with your trousers pulled down screaming at the world, Hey! Look at me! I'm alive! Check out my stuff! I have something to offer!  Like I ain't easy.  Okay, so I used a terrible analogy because the downed trousers parallel is extremely exaggerated and inappropriate but you get the point.  Exposing yourself and your business is tough.  And it's scary. 

With time I thought this exposure on social media would get easier.  But it's strange.  I'm not sure if it's my naivety catching up with me but I'm starting to feel self-doubt looming in on my successes.  I mean, why would anyone want to listen to me?  I'm boring.  I'm an introvert.  No, really I am.  Myers-Briggs personality test said so.  I don't have money.  I'm no Kendall Jenner (what a goddess).  It's a roller coaster, guys.  Some days I'm ready to share with the world, other days I want to crawl back in my little cave space, throw on my ABU's and remain camouflaged. 

But here's the thing: being active on social media works.  Roughly 40-50% of my bookings come from social media.  And 100% of my collaborations are birthed from it.  More than 90% of my networking can be attributed to these platforms.  It's a competitive market out there for any entrepreneur and these platforms give us the opportunity to highlight our differences, amplify our voices, and provide honest and genuine insight into our lives.

There will always be fellow entrepreneurs that are more interesting, prettier, smarter, creative, outspoken, funnier, etc.  The market is tough but it's important to remember to "never do the envy, the jealousy, and insecure stuff.  Be the hustler, the well-wisher, the go-getter."  I didn't make up that quote, someone else did.  But they're right. Give it your all and be all that you can give.  Because in the end, the right people will see you and your work.

Thanks for reading!
Hannah Q.