2017: The Year Ahead


Last year, Sean sat me down to write out our 2016 New Years Resolutions.  I reluctantly obliged.  I mean, why make them if I'm just going to break them, right?  This year, I sat us down to write out our 2017 resolutions.  I had been waiting for this moment.  In my 2016 blog post, I wrote I resolve to learn, pivot, and go after goals with a new perspective.  I did it.  I learned, pivoted, and went after my goals with a new perspective.  The second I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed.  The beauty of perspective...how powerful it can be!

In 2016, I resolved to do the following and my sweet, thoughtful, and artistically talented brother calligra-fied my list and framed it for me. 


There were days where the idea of giving up on my business venture sounded sweeter and safer than a moment of failure.  Like a tide so quickly washing up all the imperfections on its sand, I wanted normalcy + solitude to wash away all my defeats.  In moments like these, I'd look at this perfectly framed piece and realize the only way to wash away my failures would be by continuing to learn, pivot, and thrive in my passions.

My 2016 resolutions were a bit general but I knew it had to be achieved in order to properly lay my foundations as a professional photographer and entrepreneur.  This year, we're getting a bit more tactical and probably a little more personal too.  In the year ahead, I resolve to:

  • Book 25 Weddings
  • Rise by Lifting Others
  • Give Back to Our Earth & Community
  • Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Two Features Online or in a Magazine
  • Learn Something New
  • Read One Book Per Month
  • Challenge Myself
  • Be Present
  • Explore My Creativity
  • Be Authentic
  • Travel Somewhere New
  • Eat Less Meat
  • Be More Emotional
  • Make More Friends in the Industry
  • Live Fully

When I look back on this year, I want to be able to provide, at minimum, one example of how I achieved each bullet.  Cheers to the new year, new feels, new chances, same dreams and fresh starts!

Hannah Q.