Happy Birthday, Sean!


Dear Sean,

I'll never forget the moments we spent surfing and watching the sun go down in Hawaii.  We paddled out together, I cheered you on as you caught your waves, you cheered me on as I caught mine.  You looked at me without saying a word but your sweet eyes and that big smile of yours said everything.  When I complained how I wished I were better, you told me I was great.  When I had questions, you had answers.  When the waves crushed me, you rushed over to see if I was okay.  When the sun had begun to set, you came by my side with your board against mine, and we watched the sun set together in silence.

I think back to this memory and think of how it's a perfect depiction of who you are in my life.  As I continue to pursue my dreams as a photographer, you are by my side.  You cheer me on, you tell me Baby, you're doing great.  You propel me forward.  When I have questions, you find answers.  When I am torn, you piece me back together.  And when it's time to pursue your dreams, I only hope to show you the same support you've given me.


Today is your birthday.  I couldn't possibly begin to explain how much you mean to me.  No words will ever be enough.  No sappy love letter will ever be enough.  Thank you for being my better half.  Thank you for coming into this world because you make it that much better.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being my everything.  Here's to riding out the rest of the years ahead of us, together.

Happy Birthday, my love.

Your Wife