January Highs & Lows

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The first month of 2017 is gone.  And it's got me wondering...was she even really here?  No she's not.  Cause she's gone, gone, gone, gooonnee, gone.  Okay, sorry.  Blame it on J. Mayer.   But seriously, January peeped it's little head out, screamed New year, new me!, gave us all a little push, then left.  Just like that.  That's it guys + gals, we are on our own. 

January Highs
+ Celebrated Sean's 30th birthday with a surprise brew tour, rasta bus, and all his crazy-amazing friends.
+ Gathered the audacity to broadcast my first Facebook Live Video without deleting it immediately after.
+ Hosted a Boudoir Session Giveaway + selected our beautiful winner!  Congrats, Sydney French!
+ Booked six photography sessions in one month!  A new record :)
+ Welcomed my brother to California--his residency for the next few years.
+ Enjoyed the two-week long California rain...California never rains! I couldn't believe how much greenery there was/is!
+ Officially booked our 10-day long vacation to Spain!  Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Madrid, TAPAS...Here we come!
+ Seeing people all around the world fighting for peace, love, + equality.
+ Being 30 isn't so bad.

January Lows
+ OMG I'm 30.
+ The hate, the hostility, and the negativity brewing from this inauguration. 
+ The cold.  60-70 degree weather...don't judge me.

January wasn't so bad and despite it only being the first month to a long year ahead, I've already learned so much from it.  I've learned to strive for progress and not perfection.  I've learned to be vulnerable.  I've learned to inhale confidence, and exhale self-doubt.  I've learned that I can, and I will. 

Thanks for listening, friends!
Hannah Q.