Happy Valentine's Day

Photo Credit:  Augusta Photography

Photo Credit: Augusta Photography

I am a believer of love.  I wholly, fully, utterly, and thoroughly believe.  In fact, my belief in love is what drives everything that I do.  It is what inspires me to be a better photographer, a better creative, a better person, a better friend, and a better partner.  I am a believer...but I'm also a realist.  So, as much as I believe in love, I also believe it isn't perfect.  

The opening photo is a glimpse of our love--it captures beauty, romance, and magic.  It looks so perfect.  We look so perfect and Augusta Photography did such a beautiful job.  But it's not the photo I would choose to define the depth and authenticity of our love. 

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This.  This is love.   A man that works full-time and comes home only to spend the rest of our day together with nose buried deep in his MBA papers.  He works hard, and studies even harder to selflessly support the both of us, my pursuit in photography and to secure our future.  He is the only man that can tear my world apart, and the only man to be able to put it back together.  He supports and cheers me on as I navigate through this fickle entrepreneurial journey.  We fight, argue, and bicker endlessly.  He forgives my flaws and accepts me as I am.  He makes me cry, he also makes me laugh.  Sometimes I sleep with my back towards him.  Other nights, I can't stand to sleep without holding him.  He is honest with me, even though he knows the truth will hurt.  Some days I feel like he never understands me.  Most days, I feel like he is the only one that will ever undestand me.  This is our love.  It's flawed, sometimes messy.  Some days are glorious while other days are dark.  But it's the kind of love where "enough" is inconsequential because it will always be more. 

Happy Valentines Day, to the love of my life.

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