February Highs + Lows

Hermosa Beach wedding photographer blogger

Unbelievable.  Another day, another month...gone.  Does anyone else out there feel like time is flying by a little too quickly?  A much deserved speeding ticket for you, February.  But on the real, I thoroughly enjoyed these last few months of client meetings, revamping my business strategy+tactics, and new-year-new-professional-headshot sessions galore.  Sounds like a lot, and I suppose it kind of is.  But for us wedding photographers, January through March is analogous to an educators summer hiatus (minus the pina coladas, sunbathing, and the sunshine...zero thanks to California's bipolar weather).

February taught me that the harder you work at something, the better it feels when you achieve it.  I got a little taste of the benefits reaped from my previous month's labor of love and I must say...it tastes magical.  Dream demands hustle.  It's as simple as that. 

+ Made my first-ever feature as a professional Wedding Photographer on GoGetWed.com
+ Challenged myself + explored my creativity: I've spend so many nights and went through bottomless glasses of wine with this damn calligraphy pen...
+ Gave more than I could take: Collaborated with make-up artist, Emerald Monzon, for the Valentine's day Boudoir Giveaway.  We adored our winner and ended up with some amazing photos that the both of them can gawk over...forever.
+ Faced my fears of Facebook Live-ing myself to share some photography tips and tricks.  My upcoming Facebook Live #TipThursday will be How to Shoot with Natural Lighting.  See you there at 530pm PST!
+ Learned...er learning Spanish to prepare me for my trip to Spain!

+ This bipolar SoCal weather
+ Watching the news
+ My monthly cramps, ugh.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Q.