Travel Essentials: What's in My Bag?

Hola, amigos!  Sean and I are on day seven of traversing our way around Spain.  We've spent three days in Barcelona and it did not disappoint!  The city had so much to offer--especially for us foodies.  Tapas + cava...all day err' day!  And of course, from a photographer's perspective, documenting the people and culture of Barcelona seemed overwhelmingly endless.  Just when I thought I'd taken enough pictures, something would always catch my creative eye.  Our trek continues and we've recently made our way down to Valencia via train.  I'm going to have to save the rest of my travel details for a later post.  For now, I wanted to share with you some of my travel essentials!

1) This simple modern snap backpack from Everlane is perfect for traveling long distances.  I'm able to fit my gargantuan 15" laptop and all my other knickknacks in it while managing to still look somewhat minimalist + cute.  

2) I stuffed my backpack with these essentials: my laptop, photography business planner, my UV eye protection glasses, earphones, external drive, and Wacom editing tablet.

3) I also brought my March book to read (which I haven't even opened once yet since I've been on this trip...bummer) and my Spanish dictionary gifted by a dear friend.

4) I always...always carry-on my camera equipment.  Ain't no way I will be trusting anyone to transfer these babies for me.  For this trip, I wanted to pack lightly but wanted more than one framing option so I brought with me one Camera 5D body, a 35mm lens, and a 50mm lens.  With the 35mm, my intention was to capture the architecture, landscapes, activity shots and any scenic shots.  With the 50mm lens, my intention was to capture portraits of the Catalan + Spanish people + any detail shots. 

5) I also brought with me lens filters/protectors, more than enough memory cards to last me the entire trip, extra batteries, and a camera cleaning kit. 

6) I usually pride myself in packing lightly.  I learned it from my mama, who is a queen of minimalist packing.  But I'm also a serial wardrobe repeater so it makes packing lightly a tad bit easier.  My girl, Ellen D., made these shoes for me and they're super fabulous.  We've walked at least 10 miles every day and my feet are still in near perfect condition!  Plus, they speak for themselves.  Love. 

7) And last but not least, my Ona leather camera bag.  This is my one and only camera travel bag because it's extremely spacious, durable and has been in great condition for the last four years.  I also love how it doesn't look like a typical camera bag so it helps me avoid the HI-LOOKIE-ME-I'M-A-TOURIST look.  It's a bit pricey, but totally worth every penny if you appreciate style + photography. 

That's it for now!  Stay tuned for my next posts which will be all about my Spain travels!  Thanks for reading :)

Hannah Q.