Happy One-Year Anniversary, To Me

Photo Credit: Sean Quintana

Photo Credit: Sean Quintana

It has been one whole year since I separated from the Air Force.  Well...technically one year and one month but who's counting?  No really.  I really did forget to count.

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Last year, I wrote this blog post on the date of my separation.  After revisiting this post, I can remember exactly what I was feeling at the time just by looking at my photo.  It was the last time I'd ever wear my military uniform so I asked Sean to take a photo of me in it for the sake of my memories.  I had waited so many years for that day and I imagined tossing away my uniform would be like tossing away the hindrance to my pursuit of curiosity.  When the time came, my reluctance baffled me.  It felt like I had given away a part of my identify.  In my uniform, I knew exactly who I was and what I was supposed to do.  Without it?  No clue.  The feeling of freedom was refreshing, but it was thrashed around by my fear, doubt, and anxiety of the unknown.  I was determined and driven but I didn't know where I was headed.  All I knew was that everything I wanted was on the other side of fear.  

My first year as a civilian has been full of ebbs and flows.  I thought turning your passions into a profitable business was a pathetic dream that everyone longed for but only a few achieved.  But I finally put my excuses and fears aside and gave in to my wildest dreams.  Here I am--one year later.  And I know exactly who I am.  I'm a lover, a dreamer, a go-getter, a hustler--the owner and creative behind my very own photography business.  Some days I succeed and other days I fail.  Every day I'm imperfect.  But every day I'm learning and cultivating my passions. 

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My uniform is tucked away in my closet to serve as a beautiful reminder of my days in the Air Force.  A reminder that those years were never wasted or never a hindrance to pursuing my passions, but a light that led me to where I am today.  For those of you who are ever overwhlemed with impatience or uncertainty, here is a quote that helped me: Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty, and anticipate the beauty of becoming.  When nothing is certain, everything is possible.

Thanks for reading!
Hannah Q.