Shirley + Avi Engagement Session: UCLA

Some of my favorite love stories are conceived from college parties.  Or any kind of party, for that matter.  It's an unlikely place to meet a boyfriend--let alone a husband.  To me, it means from a sea of wild, beautiful, young, curious men + women, he only saw her and she only saw him.  This road is often less traveled because it's rare and unexpected.  But when the stars aligned for Shirley + Avi, they embarked on this ad hoc journey and discovered the possibilities of love and a lifelong partnership.

For the next nine years, Shirley + Avi focused on building the foundation for their future careers, which to me, is their defining attribute of partnership.  Individually, they are powerful, independent, determined, and unyielding.  Together, they are harmonious, free, undivided, and connected.

Lucky for me, I got to witness and capture this special love during their UCLA engagement photoshoot, their ala mater and where it all began.  Even luckier, I get to document their wedding day coming up in November, which also marks the day they met 10-years ago.

Thank you, Shirley + Avi, for trusting me to capture your story and allowing me to share it with the world.  I can't wait to witness the two of you officially tie the knot on the week of your 10-year anniversary and get a glimpse of what it might've looked like when sparks started flying at the college party.