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Growing up, do you remember seeing that bookshelf full of photo albums and flipping through each and every one?  Or if you're just a tad bit younger than me, you've probably found some old photo books at your grandparents house.  You know, the one with the sticky canvas and clear plastic covers?  Well, in this new digital era, photo albums are now slideshows on Facebook or part of a scrolling feed on Instagram.  Or maybe, they're forever stuck on your iPhone because you're not one to partake in social media (ahem...Sean).  Maybe it's the nostalgia or old-fashioned side of me but I miss seeing those tangible photo albums sitting on those shelves.  What happens when you take more photos than you can be accountable for?  What happens when you lose that non-backed hard drive or iPhone?  What happens when we're hit with a digital apocalypse and all the megabytes/gigabytes/terabytes of memories are gone?  That's terrifying.  Extremely terrifying.

My Favorite Photo Albums

As a photographer, I value my documented memories and refuse to confine them to computer files that would otherwise be easily overlooked.  I love flipping through my coffee table photo albums and years down the road, much like I did myself, I envision my children and future generations flipping through the very same albums. 

For the sake of cherishing and protecting our memories, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite printing/photo album companies:


Artifact Uprising
My go-to printing website where they offer high quality photo books with 100% recycled interior pages and premium hardcover linen fabrics.  It's a bit pricier than the ones mentioned below but you're really paying for what you get here.  Plus, they have multiple fabric shades to choose from that can add soft accent colors to your interior decor.  I even added my own wedding emblem that I saved from our wedding.

This free downloadable iPhone app will access your photos from your social media platforms and transfer them to hard copy prints.  It's fun, cute, trendy, and so so easy to use.

The quality of these photo albums have gotten so much better over the last year.  They make it easy and convenient for photo uploads and album layout.  They also have multiple fun templates and book covers to choose from--perfect for gifting to family members and friends.

I recently just learned about this company.  These photo albums are SUPER customizable--perfect for those that really want to spend time jazzing it up a bit.  You can edit the photos within the interface, tweak or exchange layouts, they have a plethora of stickers, backgrounds, and text boxes too.

Pinhole Press
These photos albums are great if you're looking for something more unique and sleek.  It's great if you don't really like the idea of spending time to fancy-ing it up with all the backgrounds and effects.  It's simple, modern, classy, sleek, and easy to use. 

Hope this helped some of you!  Thanks for reading :)


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